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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Technical Difficulties


As ye may well 'ave noticed some of the download links to our printable proxies have gone down. Unfortun'tly I be not in any position to re-upload anything at the moment, with me main drive dead, backups inaccessible and a woefully slow internet connection limited to less than a GB of download.

This be unlikely to change in the near future, so it be possible that these links remain out o' action for any amount of time, be it weeks or months.

Here be a list o' the download links that be broken:
-Red Seraphim
-Space Elves
-Star Knights

I be sorry 'bout any 'inconvenience' ye may be feeling (well, a little - I'm a pirate!), but there be nothing that can be done at the moment.

40k Pirate

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