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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fish in space?

Ahoy thar!

While it can be arg'ued that the Colonists be not fish, as of course they 'ave hooves and fingers, I think that their appearance, combined with their vehicular affinity for certain marine animals, speaks otherwise! (And remember landlubber, I am the one with a crew o' blood-thirsty pirates at me back - so you'll find more often than not that I be right......)

So it 'as come tae pass that there are indeed, fish, in space! That's right, we 'ave fine'lly brought tae ye Space Fleet proxies for the Colonists! You'll find we 'ave also introduced a few new system ships intae the collection, so ye may want tae take a wander over to our 'Space Fleet' page and download the new lot!

Unfortunately our backups still be down, so proxies for the Red Seraphim, Space Elves and Star Knights still be lost to the void. This means ye be unlikely to get any new proxies for a few months, as we 'ave to first recover this data before workin' out what we've done - and what needs doin'.

Sorry for any inconvene'yence (well, as sorry as a pirate could be anyways), ye may just 'ave tae take tae the dark voids of space in the meantime!

Happy raidin', boardin' and planetary bombardments tae ye!

40k Pirate