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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thar be life in 'er yet....

Ahoy thar!

Fear ye not landlubbber, 40k Pirates be not dead - nay, me 'n me crew be still sailin' the seven seas in search o' new plundaaar!  Our goal be tae give ye new proxies aplenty forrr ev'ry race, so the next update is lookin' tae be a biggun! Unfortun'tly, the terrors, chores and hardships o' the high seas - along with the size o' this planned update be meaning ye very well may not be hearing from me or me crew until aftaarr New Year.

'Tis 'ard tae predict what foul storms we may encounter o'er these next months, so should we run afoul o' the weather I bid ye a Merry Chris'mas and an 'Appy New Yeaaaarrr!

40k Pirate