Have you ever wanted to get a new wargaming miniature but didn't have the money to pay for it? Do you know about miniature wargaming but aren't willing to break the bank to play? Or have you been wanting to try a new army build or race with minimal impact on your wallet? If so, then you've come to the right place!
Here at 40,000 Pirates you can find printable proxies, scatter dice, blast and flamer templates for use in one of the most popular tabletop wargames - absolutely free!


Here at 40,000 Pirates you can find printable proxies, dice, blast and flamer templates for use in one of the most popular tabletop wargames - absolutely free!

Miniature wargaming is different for everybody, for some it's just a game, others see it as a serious war simulation they must win, while some rarely play wargames but just enjoy painting the miniatures. Despite the many varied opinions on the game there is one thing most gamers can agree on, wargaming models can be pricey! With just a single squad of troops costing you anywhere from $20 - $70, building up an army can be a slow and painful experience, and as a result numerous miniature gamers to-be never get into the hobby at all.

However, I bring you a solution - paper wargame figures! They are a light, portable, easily replaceable and cheap way to play. Mainly a temporary solution for use as 'proxies', paper figures do not have the attractiveness, weight or durability of the real deal, but are also significantly less work to prepare for gaming.

Paper gaming is also not entirely free, you still need a rulebook, dice, measuring tape and of course paper, glue and staples/stickytape. For some tabletop games you also need a scatter dice and blast templates, however you can find them printable here on 40,000 Pirates.

How to assemble infantry templates:
1 - Print out the template you wish to assemble.
2 - Cut out the template. (To save time you may want to skip out step 2 entirely, sticking the entire sheet of paper to cardboard.)
3 - Stick the template to cardboard (about cereal box thickness is good).
4 - Cut out the template again.
5 - Bend the two 'arms' behind the template to form a loop.
6 - Staple or stickytape the two 'arms' together

And viola! You have a paper infantry model made with minimal cost and effort!

How to assemble vehicle templates:
1 - Print out the separate components of the vehicle (Front, back, top, bottom, top side and bottom side).
2 - Glue the vehicle parts on to paper or cardboard (about cereal box thickness or thinner) like this:
3 - Cut out the vehicle.
4 - Fold the 'tabs' towards the back (the side with no picture) and fold along the lines.

And there you have it! A fully assembled, box-tank!

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