Have you ever wanted to get a new wargaming miniature but didn't have the money to pay for it? Do you know about miniature wargaming but aren't willing to break the bank to play? Or have you been wanting to try a new army build or race with minimal impact on your wallet? If so, then you've come to the right place!
Here at 40,000 Pirates you can find printable proxies, scatter dice, blast and flamer templates for use in one of the most popular tabletop wargames - absolutely free!

Star Marines

They are genetically enhanced superhuman warriors, clad in mighty power armour with near no equal in combat. They are mankind's greatest defenders, they are the Star Marines. 

Download all printable Star Marines figures here

Star Dogs:
A ferocious faction of the Star Marines, the Star Dogs are widely known for their outlandish behaviour and relentless assaults. However they do not simply charge headlong into battle, but fight with the cunning of a canine pack!

Download all printable Star Dogs figures here

Red Seraphim:
A faction of noble Star Marines face the possibility of extinction. A mutation in their genetic enhancements causes many to go insane, blindly rampaging against any and all enemies who stands in his way!

Download all printable Red Seraphim figures here

Star Knights:
The elite of the Star Marines, the Knights are a mysterious and powerful force, equipped and specially trained to combat demomic forces and mankind's worst enemies.

Download all printable Star Knight figures here

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